Song: On The Terrace

Band: Shack
Composed By: Michael Head

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Song-On The Terrace
Album-Here's Tom With the Weather
Writer-Mick Head
Tabbed by S. McNally

Forgive me for completely guessing on some of the lyrics.  Scouse is hard to understand.  Enjoy!


D-A-Em-G  2x

Verse 1
    D                             A

I'm sitting on the terrace on the Portabello Road
Waiting for me mam to come

it's a complicated situation

Verse 2
Bill and Mr. Bell he plays us a song
We're sitting in the morning sun
It's tolerated emancipation

F#m                   F know you're fond 
of a little bit of Doris Day

of a little bit of Doris Day

Verse 3
Me and Mr. Batches gonna play us a song
We're sitting in the morning sun
She a devil angel-she's joniated

Verse 4
Me and sister Gibb she plays us a song
We're sitting in the morning sun
It's a complicated storiation

Chorus know you're fond 
of a little bit of Doris Day
of a little bit of Doris Day

Verse chords 4x
Chorus chords 2x

D                 A

I'm gonna take mama
D            A

I'll take papa
D                 A

I'll take the glory 
D     G

to Mexico
D                 A

I'll take your jangle
D                 A

I'll take your single
D                  A

I'll take your breako
D       G

to Mexico

Am                                 Em   G

When Tarantino started to sing his song alone
F                C    Ddim7*
You come running home
Am                                   Em       G

When all the people started to shout hooray...hooray
F               Bb   B

You come running

Am          Am/G#          Am/G

Remember the time when the tears
         Am/F#               F

When the teardrops left your eyes
        E                 Am
And the soldiers yea they came
         Am/G#         Am/G          Am/F#           F

Yea they came and they burnt all our churches to the ground
        E                Am
And the priest he's gone away

He's gone away

He's gone away

He's gone away
He's gone away

He's gone away

He's gone away

*Note on chords


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