Song: Country Love Song

Band: Stephen Lynch
Composed By: Stephen Lynch

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																				Country Love Song
by Stephen Lynch
Submitted by ParrotEMT (aka Buddascotchpuddin)

D                             G

Made love to you all night long
D                               G

Then I got to write you this song
D           G

(I admit, I forgot this line)
D                               G

Must have been sent from heaven above

Don't think you could ever do no wrong
(stop)            D    G
Then you farted
D              G

Oh baby you farted!

At first I thought that it was kind of cute
I suppressed a smile when I heard your girlie poot-poot
Then the smell came a-wafting by
Brought a little tear drop to my eye
Think that I'll go sleep out on the couch
Cuz you fart


Bm                          G

It could make milk curdle, make your skin
Bm                   G

Make the paint peel off of the wall
Bm                       G

Don't wanna sleep under the covers no more

Since the hot blew from outcha back door.

I think s**t my pants!

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