Song: Happy Returns

Band: Steven Wilson
Composed By: Elmer Bernstein

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intro playC  D  Em  C3 or 4 timesC            D      Hey brother, happy returns             EmIt?s been a while now                      CI bet you thought that I was deadC                   DBut I?m still here, nothing?s changed           Emnothing?s changedC                DHey brother, I?d love to tell youI?ve been busy    EmBut that would be a lieC?Cause the truth is    The years just pass like trains  D                          EmI wave but they don?t slow down              They don?t slow down
C         Amtoo-do-do-do      DDo-do do-do-do       DodododoC         Amtoo-do-do-do   D   Do do-do-do
C                      DHey brother, I see the freaks                      EmDispossessed on day release               CAvoiding the policeC                         DI feel I?m falling once again                                      EmBut now there?s no one left to catch meC                       DHey brother, I feel I?m living in parentheses             EmAnd I've got trouble with the bills       CDo the kids remember me?
Well I got gifts for themDAnd for you more sorrow        EmBut I?m feeling kind of drowsy now        CSo I?ll finish this tomorrowplayC  D  Em  C6 timesC         Amtoo-do-do-do      DDo-do do-do-do       DodododoC         Amtoo-do-do-do   D   Do do-do-doseveral times

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  • Hand. Cannot. Erase.

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Kscope Song Duration on Album: 6:00 Album Duration: 01:06:03

    Release Date: March 3, 2015

    Moods: Atmospheric, Dreamy, Elaborate, Nocturnal, Sprawling, Bleak, Dramatic, Hypnotic, Trippy, Brooding, Complex, Eerie, Intense, Refined, Reflective, Restrained, Sophisticated, Stylish, Tense/Anxious, Theatrical, Uncompromising, Visceral, Confident, Euphoric, Exciting, Lush, Mysterious, Poignant, Powerful, Provocative, Warm

    Styles: Neo-Prog, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Album Rock, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

    Themes: The Creative Side, Late Night, Night Driving, Maverick, Nighttime

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