Song: Square Heart

Band: The Black Heart Procession
Composed By: Pall A. Jenkins

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Tabbed by: Kackao

The same chord sequence repeats all through the song


Capo 3

Am   Em    G          D

I've got a square old heart
Am         Em        G          D

And no one makes the parts that I need
   Am         Em           G

To repair and pull me from this well
D            Am       Em G D

Pull me from this well
    Am   Em  G     D

But I'll be waiting
    Am   Em  G     D

Yes I'll be waiting


Sometimes this lick is played (without capo):


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    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: The Black Heart Procession Song Duration on Album: 3:46 Album Duration: 47:59

    Release Date: 1998

    Moods: Eerie, Ethereal, Intimate, Melancholy, Restrained

    Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Sadcore

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