Song: English Girls

Band: The Maine
Composed By: Michael Jackson, William Adams

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Capo on 1st fret

              C              Am                                   
The girls are crying on the corner
            F                         Am               G
Because the boys all left and they've had too much to drink
         C           Am
We're in London, mid October
        F                        Am                  G
He's convinced the blonde by the bar just gave him a wink
        F                   Am           G
And the words he spoke left me in disbelief
          C                         Am
He said, "Smoke whatever you've got left,
             F                               G
It's getting late and we don't have much to lose"
                C                            Am
Well she said, "English girls they just like sex"
              F                                     G
I couldn't believe when he said, "I've got news for you 
                  C                  Am             C                Am
American boys do too."          (Ooh ooh)



C                             Am
Pins her against the wall (Ah ah)
Tells her she's beautiful (Ah ah)
She says she's going home that's when he said...

And that boy he is a drifter
C                     F
Tomorrow he'll be far away
C                         F           
And the moment before he kissed her

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