Song: A Mightier King

Band: The Vine Band
Composed By: Joshua Wong

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This is love
B                            C#m 
Though a sinner, Christ would save me

Embrace me

This is love
B                         C#m
Though a God, He'd take my shame
A               E

He redeems me
        B                     C#m            A         E

And how underserving still You call me by my name
       B                C#m      A  
And now Your majesty it takes my words away

A         E   
A mightier king

The world has not seen
                   C#m                              A 
And I will stand in awe amazed at all the grace You give to me
A          E 
A glorious thing

To bow before Him
             C#m                           A 
Abandon all I am for but a glimpse of You my King


This is love
B                    C#m  
Though unworthy mercy finds me
And binds me to Him
This is love 
B                           C#m 
Though I'm shamed He takes my pain
He remains in me

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  • From Ashes to Beauty

    Genre: Religious Label: Vine Band Song Duration on Album: 5:10 Album Duration: 01:07:05

    Release Date: April 11, 2008

    Styles: Gospel

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