Song: Wild Hogs 2

Band: Tim And Eric

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Am                C                 G              Am
I just heard the news today: there aint gonna be a Wild Hogs 2.
Am                C                 G                Am
And no matter how hard I pray, there aint gonna be a Wild Hogs 2.


Dm                 E        C         Am
And its making me wonder if I want to live.
Dm              E          C          Am
Maybe I should think about packing it in

Dm             E               C      Am
I'll miss them riding on their Harley Davidsons.


Am             C           G            Am
Its making me worry about the status of Old Dogs 2.
Am          C          G                  Am
Put it in a hurry and start production on Old Dogs 2.

Dm                   E                C           Am
Well, you know, the first ones, they could not be beat.
Dm                 E          C               Am
When you've got Travolta, you know you've got me.
Dm            E           C             C

Boy, a cast reunion would have been so neat.


This is for Robin.
This is for Martin.

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