Song: Walking Man

Band: Washington
Composed By: H. Brooks

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																				Washington - Walking man

Intro: Dm F A

         Dm                   F   A

When the morning have fell to day comes
  Dm              F                 A

a man on the move under the present moon
    Dm                     F         A

his days and the bloom and dark hair past
                Dm            F         A

oh but he was a walking man, across the land
he crawled
    C      F      C        Dm
and on his way to save his soul
C         F       C         Dm
found his well to break the bow
    A  A7      Dm
the bow to the cave


     Dm                        F            A

with hope in his veins and the sun upon his face
     Dm                 F          A

the sharks of a life he once stood by
        Dm                      F          A

ooh was all that was left of an age of the spell
                         Dm           F          A

and tough - but he was a walking man, across the sand
he rode 
  C        F      C        Dm
until this day he marched upon
C       F          C       Dm         A       A7   Dm F A >>       
land he once could own but run from - run from...

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    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Bauta Song Duration on Album: 3:40 Album Duration: 55:09

    Release Date: July 25, 2005

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