Song: Highway 20 Ride

Band: Zac Brown Band
Composed By: Wyatt Durrette, Zac Brown

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																				Artist: Zac Brown Band
Song: Highway 20 Ride
Tuning: Standerd with capo on 3rd

Intro, Verse and Chorus:
    C                      F             C                  F

e -0----------3--------0----1---------1----------0--------3--1-------------|
b -1----1--------1----------1---1----------1--------1--------1--1----------|
G -0-------0--------0-------2------3----------0--------0-----2-----2-------|
D --------------------------------------------------------------------3----|
A -3------------------------3--------------------------------3--------3----|
E -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
When it gets to the 2nd chorus, you could just strum the chords. Just add a G in there

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I ride east every other Friday but if I had it my way
Days would not be wasted on this drive
And I want so bad to hold you
Some of the things I haven't told you
Your mom and me just couldn't get along

So I'll drive
And I'll think about my life
And wonder why, I'll slowly die inside
Every time I turn that truck around, right at the Georgia line
And I count the days and the miles back home to you on that Highway 20 ride

A day might come and you'll realize that if you could see through my eyes
There was no other way to work it out
And a part of you might hate me
But son please donĀ“t mistake me For a man that didn't care at all


So when you drive
And the years go flying by
I hope you smile
If I ever cross your mind
It was a pleasure of my life
And I cherished every time
And my whole world
It begins and ends with you
On that Highway 20 ride

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